Steps to choosing a super fund

View our interactive presentation on how to choose the right super fund.

Some other factors to consider are:

  • choice of investments
  • potential investment performance
  • fees
  • insurance

The reputation and business strength of the fund provider and the service you will receive are also important. A financial adviser will be able to help you make a decision about your super.

Choice of investments

Diversification can help you manage the investment risk associated with your superannuation. FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super gives you access to over 85 investment options managed by some of the most well-known investment managers and specialist boutique managers.

Investment performance

While each investment option may suit different investors and the return and value of an investment option can go up and down over time, FirstChoice offers the potential to meet your investment goals – whatever they are.


Colonial First State is a leader in providing value for money.  With FirstChoice you know what the fees are, so there are no surprises.


With FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super you can tailor your insurance to your own requirements. FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super offers:

  • Death cover
  • Death & Total Permanent Disablement cover and
  • Salary continuance insurance


Speak to a financial adviser to make sure you do not lose any current insurance benefits by changing super funds. You should also compare insurance premiums in different super funds as they can vary.

What to consider next:

Speak to your financial adviser or choose an option here:

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