Benefits of consolidating

Why it makes sense to consolidate your super

If you’ve worked for more than one employer there’s a good chance you’ll have more than one super account. Many Australians do.

While opening a new account when you start a job can make sense at the time, down the track it can mean you end up paying multiple sets of fees and have accounts all over the place.

The benefits of bringing it all together

  • A simple way to pay fewer fees: One super fund means one set of fees. That could save you hundreds of dollars in your super each year and add up to thousands over a lifetime.
  • Easier to manage: Having a single account makes it easier to keep track of any changes, and reduces the amount of paperwork and updates you need to deal with.
  • Keep on top of your investment strategy: How your super is invested can have a significant impact on your final balance. Having your super spread across several funds and in a variety of investment options can make it harder to keep your strategy in check.

Deciding which fund to consolidate to

Here are a few things to consider before consolidating your super:

  • Will you pay any exit or withdrawal fees from your existing super fund?
  • If you hold insurance in your existing fund and want to keep it, can it be transferred?
  • What are the benefits, risks, fees, services and costs of each of your super funds?


The Product Disclosure Statement for each super fund is the best place to find this sort of information. Find out more about our super products.

What to consider next

Speak to your financial adviser or choose an option here:

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