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We are committed to keeping secure the personal information you provide to us.

What you need to know

Receiving communications by email? Things to be aware of


Email is a fast, convenient and environmentally friendly way to receive your Colonial First State communications. Set out below are some of the steps that Colonial First State is taking to help keep your email communications reliable and secure, together with some tips for you to consider.

Ensuring the security of your personal information 


In the unlikely event that correspondence we email you is intercepted by someone else, key aspects of your personal information may be 'masked'. Some of the details that may be masked include your address, online identity number (OIN), tax file number, salary and smoking status. In place of this information will be the '*' character.

Your Colonial First State account number and your bank account number may also be masked, except for the last three digits.

Your date of birth will display the year you were born, while the day and month may be masked.

Masking details is not possible when it is an ad-hoc request. An ad-hoc request is when email is not the preferred communication choice and you advise us to send document/information via email on a one off basis.


Ensuring our emails are delivered to you 


In order to receive your Colonial First State communications by email, your email address needs to be current. There are a number of ways you can update your email address with us.

Call us on 13 13 36
Log into FirstNet then select [Change my details]
Write to us at Colonial First Sate, GPO 3956, NSW

Ensuring you can open our attachments


Some of the correspondence we email you will be in the form of an attachment. You will need Adobe Reader software to open these attachments. It’s possible you already have this software on your computer. However, if you don’t have this software, click on the following link to install it.

Ensuring you follow safe computing practices


We encourage that you follow safe computing practices and to consider the following tips:

  • Password protect your computer to stop others accessing your email. Safeguard any computer-related passwords.
  • Never click on an email that asks you to login or asks for personal information. Colonial First State will never send you an email containing such requests.
  • Use email spam filters to help protect you from receiving hoax/spam emails. Anti-virus/anti-spam software and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer email spam filtering services. These spam filtering services intercept many hoax emails preventing them from reaching your email inbox. You may need to contact your ISP either by telephone or via their website in order to activate spam filtering on your email account. You should check that your or your ISP's spam filters are not blocking Colonial First State emails.
  • Avoid opening, running, installing or using programs/files you have obtained from a person or organisation that you do not know you can trust. Be particularly careful of unsolicited emails containing file attachments.
  • Always scan new programs/files for viruses and spyware before and after opening, running, installing or using them.
  • To help keep emails secure, you should always maintain up-to-date versions of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and other security software and tools. A number of vendors provide such products. You should also download and install the most up-to-date patches and fixes for the operating system and other software that you use on your computer.