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Increasingly popular with both advisers and clients, managed accounts combine simplicity and scalability with a level of control and flexibility usually only available from a direct investment. 

Efficient, scalable and flexible, they are steadily growing in popularity. According to industry researcher Investment Trends, around a quarter of advisers currently recommend them, with another 20% considering using them in future.1


And those who use them say they have brought tangible benefits to their business and their clients. 75% of advisers who recommend them say they now spend less time on administration and compliance, while 60% agree that their practices have become more profitable.1


So what are they, and how do they work?


Managed Accounts on FirstChoice

Managed Accounts on FirstChoice leads the way in delivering the advice efficiencies of a managed account solution within Colonial First State FirstChoice Super & Pension products. What does this mean for you? More time to spend seeing clients, growing your business and developing strategies, and less time on administration.

Managed Accounts on FirstWrap

Managed Accounts on FirstWrap offer a series of professionally managed portfolios designed to deliver transparent, engaging advice solutions. If you’re looking to invest with leading portfolio managers to deliver efficient advice solutions, or looking to reduce direct share administration requirements, Managed Accounts on FirstWrap may be the answer.

Tailored Managed Account solutions on FirstWrap

Colonial First State offers a variety of tailored managed account solutions for licensees who prefer to build their own bespoke portfolios, or have tailored requirements. We’ll work with you to create a solution that meets your precise requirements, offering RMIS structures overseen by a choice of RE options, or an MDA structure under your own AFSL.

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  • At Colonial First State, we know that evolving technology and fast-paced reforms are having a big impact on your business. Back-office paperwork, administration, tax changes and managing all your client’s portfolios mean you demand more from your time.


    Is there a way to reduce the complexity?


    Introducing Managed Accounts on FirstChoice; an efficient on-platform solution developed to help you reduce the risk, complexity and cost of doing business.


    How does it work?


    Licensees construct Managed Account portfolios from over 100 investment options on the FirstChoice menu. Once approved, it’s easy for advisers to recommend these portfolios based on client goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Changes to portfolios automatically flow through to client accounts, which can reduce the need for ongoing advice documentation. It also means no client is left behind in an out-of-date portfolio. Best of all, Managed Accounts on FirstChoice is delivered at no extra cost to you or your clients.


    Spend more time having quality advice conversations, and less time on administration. Contact us to learn how Managed Accounts on FirstChoice can support your business.


  • At Colonial First State, we know that managing share portfolios for large numbers of clients can mean you’re faced with a mountain of paperwork. It’s hard to achieve scalability and find space to grow your business. And if you are currently using managed funds and want to introduce shares as an alternative solution to your clients, the admin burden can seem overwhelming.


    Managed Accounts on FirstWrap are a series of portfolios designed to take the pressure off the admin associated with managing share exposure. Portfolios are constructed by leading portfolio managers, and provide clients with beneficial ownership of underlying investments, transparency and individual tax outcomes. You can also customise your clients’ managed accounts to reflect their individual preferences and tax needs, and hold them alongside other investments, such as managed funds, listed securities and cash. Importantly, your clients will incur no brokerage costs for trades within their managed account portfolios.

    Spend more time having quality advice conversations with clients and growing your business, and less time on administration. Contact us to learn how Managed Accounts on FirstWrap can support your business.


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