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Transform your business

Transform your business

with managed accounts

with managed accounts


Managed accounts have the potential to transform your business model, helping you take the next step in your business evolution. So it’s important to think carefully about your future direction before choosing a managed accounts solution and product partner.

Here are some key issues for licensees to consider. 


  • What is your overriding value proposition and how sustainable is it in a market where clients are more demanding than ever before? If your value proposition is centred on excellence in investment management, then a customised managed account solution could put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to turn your expertise into value for your clients. But if you add value primarily through holistic planning, rather than investment management, then you may benefit from outsourcing day-to-day management to a team of specialists.

  • If you prefer to retain control of investment selection and portfolio construction, how disciplined is your investment philosophy and process? Can you find a partner whose methodology complements your own? And can they help you add additional rigour for more consistent investment outcomes?

  • Partnering with portfolio managers and REs will involve a period of due diligence, both initially and ongoing. For your part, it means investigating in detail your potential partner’s financial strength, investment methodology, compliance process and execution capabilities, as well as their investment track record across market cycles. Reciprocally, your partners may also perform periodic due diligence on your business, so it’s important to ensure that you are appropriately resourced to accommodate this.

  • The benefits of managed accounts for you and your business can differ depending on your business model. Consider the benefits for an adviser who primarily focuses on managed funds, compared to the benefits for an adviser who focuses on shares.

    Compared to a managed funds focus:

    • greater transparency and portability of investments 
    • a simple explanation to clients for how to invest in different types of equities 
    • no transferable capital gain implications (provided no change in beneficial ownership)

    Compared to an equities focus:

    • an experience similar to direct holdings for clients, but with reduced administration
    • simpler portfolio changes with the potential for reduced ROA requirements1
    • professional portfolio management
    • outsourced corporate action management and decisions


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