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Managed Accounts on FirstWrap

Managed Accounts on FirstWrap

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Managed Accounts on FirstWrap offer a series of professionally managed portfolios designed to deliver transparent, engaging advice solutions. If you’re looking to invest with leading portfolio managers to deliver efficient advice solutions, or looking to reduce share administration requirements, Managed Accounts on FirstWrap may be the answer.

Trades within the portfolios are free from any brokerage fees, and the non-unitised structure helps provide your clients with transparency of their underlying investments. You can also set client preferences at account level to reflect your client’s ethical, social, tax or income preferences.


What does this mean for you? More time spent seeing clients, growing your business and developing strategies and less time on paperwork and routine administration.


Key features

  • Professionally managed portfolios across different investment styles to meet your clients’ objectives, ranging from Australian core, high conviction, socially responsible, concentrated small cap, high yield and diversified portfolios.
  • Advisers can set client preferences at an account level, allowing the benefit of a streamlined business model while retaining the ability to cater for different client requirements, such as ethical and social considerations, tax, income or other preferences..
  • In-specie transfer existing listed security and managed fund holdings on to the FirstWrap platform, and then transfer into a managed account portfolio. This may reduce time out of market, without the need to sell down to cash before transferring. The existing cost base is retained.
  • Nil brokerage is charged to clients when trading within the managed account portfolios.
  • Floating models mean portfolio manager weightings move in line with the market and transactions are minimised.


For your business

  • May reduce the need for ROAs* and mean less administration and portfolio management
  • Spend more time with clients providing valuable holistic financial advice and less time on administration and document generation
  • Risk can be reduced through quicker, more consistent implementation aligning the investor to a portfolio manager's target weights
  • Investment rebalances and instructions by the portfolio manager can be quickly implemented without the need for client authority

For your clients

  • Access to professional portfolio managers
  • By holding a portfolio of underlying investments, your clients may benefit from a more personalised tax outcome when compared toa managed fund
  • Generally greater transparency and portability of investments than a traditional managed fund
  • Cost efficiency and value

* Seek your own professional advice regarding the requirement for issuing an ROA.

Professionally managed portfolios

FirstWrap offers a range of managed account portfolios from a selection of professional portfolio managers. You can select one of more portfolios as part of your client's overall investment strategy.


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