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FirstWrap’s features enable you to effectively implement and manage sophisticated investment solutions.


  • We know how complex and time-consuming managing your clients’ SMSF cashflow can be.

    Available on FirstWrap Plus Investments accounts, our cash management solution offers clients the option of selecting the Commonwealth Bank’s Accelerator Cash Account (ACA) as their cash hub, rather than FirstWrap’s default cash account, helping take the complexity out of managing their cash flow.

    Acting as a central cash hub, it provides you, your IDPS clients and even their accountants’ with real-time visibility of their cash position. Plus, you’ll have the information and control you need to act quickly on investment opportunities.

  • FirstWrap’s equity service gives you access to our panel of leading brokers that offer:

    • Brokerage at wholesale rates
    • Ongoing research on all ASX 300 securities
    • Online access to floats and corporate actions
    • Creation of dividend reinvestment plans.
  • Our margin lending service is integrated into FirstWrap Plus Investments, which helps to streamline the application process for those of your clients wanting to borrow to invest.

  • You can choose from a panel of leading insurers offering life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, and income protection insurance as either a:

    • Retail policy within FirstWrap Plus Investments or
    • Group or retail policy within FirstWrap Plus Super. Rollovers via Superstream are also accepted.
  • FirstWrap is one of the few retail platforms to offer fixed term and lifetime annuities from a range of leading providers.

    There are no additional administration or transaction fees for using an annuity via FirstWrap.

    Your clients receive exactly the same rates and product features as if they had purchased it directly, with the added benefit of seeing their annuity holding alongside their existing FirstWrap portfolio.

  • FirstWrap takes the complexity out of managing SMSFs and allows you to deliver outstanding service to your SMSF clients at the right price.

    By working with our SMSF advisers, we have created a solution that allows you to provide the sophisticated superannuation and retirement strategies expected by SMSF clients.

  • Managed accounts on FirstWrap offer a series of professionally managed portfolios designed to deliver transparent, engaging advice solutions. If you’re looking to invest with portfolio managers to deliver efficient advice solutions, or looking to reduce direct share administration requirements, Managed Accounts on FirstWrap may be the answer

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The Accelerator Cash Account (‘ACA’) is issued by the Bank and administered by CommSec Adviser Services, a brand of Australian Investment Exchange Limited ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400 (‘AUSIEX’). AUSIEX is a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Bank. For ACAs accessible via the FirstWrap platform, AIL will provide platform administration services only and whilst it may be arranging for the issue of the ACA by facilitating the process, it is not issuing, selling, guaranteeing, underwriting, or providing custody services in relation to ACAs. Clients should read the relevant ACA disclosure documents and IDPS disclosure documents available from before making an investment decision and talk to their financial adviser.


The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited ABN 45 003 278 831, AFSL 235150, is the responsible entity for the Colonial First State Separately Managed Account ARSN 618 390 051, available for investment through FirstWrap super and pension products and investments under FirstWrap.

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