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Tech tools for remote working

Remote working has never looked so appealing. There are many benefits for business owners and employees alike, with studies reporting greater productivity, lower attrition rates and cost savings.1 With a wide range of tech tools available, teams can efficiently communicate, collaborate and share work without ever leaving home. But with so many tools available, how do you choose the right one for your business?

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From real-time messaging and file sharing to online meetings and webinars in virtual conference rooms, there’s a communication tool to meet every team’s needs.

To choose the right one for your practice, consider:

  • its ease of use and pricing model
  • how well you can integrate your current software with the tool
  • how you want to use it.

Some tools available*

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype.

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With cloud-based workflow tools, teams can collaborate in real time, organise projects from end-to-end, and assign, prioritise and report on tasks.

To choose the ideal workflow package for your team, consider:

  • the size of your projects
  • your budget
  • the project management style that suits your team.

Some tools available*

Trello, SmartSheet.

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Secure file storage

Storing documents in a cloud-based hosting service allows your team to create and work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations together.

When you’re evaluating different storage systems, think about:

  • how much space you need to store all your documents
  • the cost of the upgrade.


Don’t forget to stay safe in cyberspace by using a password manager, which will generate and retrieve strong passwords that you don’t have to write down or memorise. 

Some tools available*

DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365.

1. Shana Lynch, Stanford Business Insights, Why Working From Home Is a 'Future-looking Technology', 2017.


* Colonial First State is not affiliated with any of the third-party providers listed in this article and does not endorse the use of any of the mentioned tools or products. Please consider the privacy, security and any other relevant risks that may apply from the use of these tools.

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