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John Liu - Retired banker, professional photographer

  • My name is John Liu.


    I used to be a banker but I have retired over the last thirteen years and I'm really thoroughly enjoying it.


    I've worked in banking in Hong Kong, in New York City and of course in Sydney.
    I think when one retires one needs to make sure that three things are in sync with each other.


    One would be financial well-being, and being a banker I think I know what I need to do.


    The other one is physical well-being and I go to the gym and do my work outs.


    And thirdly, to have a passion.


    I found retirement initially and little difficult. I was a little bit headstrong on what I was going to do but after getting into photography, I was a different person.


    Mostly I look for sunsets I go to the observatory hill and I film sunsets with different colours.


    The satisfaction of seeing a good photo is just, it’s hard to describe.


    Once you do it and you see the outcome. That’s it! That will drive you for another two month and another two months and that’s what keeps me going. 


    As a banker I would suggest in retirement you seek financial advice. Finding a financial adviser is like finding a doctor. Your personality needs to mesh with each other and you need to have trust between each other.


    Your financial adviser will select the products that will help you increase your savings.


    If you’re planning for retirement it is never too late to start taking that first small step. Even if it means you’re saving a small percentage of your wages is very important.

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