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Keith Oliver - Winner of 18 World Masters Championships

  • “I have won four Australian Championships as a pro, as a Master I’ve won fifty Australian Championships, and I’ve won eighteen World Championships as a Master.


    I love track racing, particularly as it’s so intense.  I guess it’s a little bit more dangerous, although looking at some of the Tour de France shots it can be pretty dangerous on the road too.


    It’s in my blood.  It’s been in my family’s blood for many, many years.  My dad was a top-rider, my son is a rider.


    I retired in 1985, I just felt like I’d had enough at that point in time. I retired for the second time six and a half years ago, on this track was my last race back in December 18th, 2009.


    The next chapter for me is to keep fit, to even stay fitter than I am today if I can.  I do help out some younger riders wherever I can.  Because I’ve been doing it for most of my life I enjoy passing on any information that worked for me to other people.


    I’ll never fully retire from cycling because it is in my blood and I just enjoy riding a bike very much and intend to keep doing that as long as I

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