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Steve Fairless - World Road Champion

  •  “Certainly being in Seoul in the Olympics in 1988 was a highlight for me.  It was an exciting time and you had the opportunity to represent our country at the highest level, so it was great to be there.  I was 26 after the Olympics and I came home to help on the family farm.  I always rode at a local level, not really competing so much, I was on the family farm brining up my family.


    It gets in your blood and I like the competition, I think you always try and get the best out of yourself.  I was 47 when I started training again.  Family had grown up and kids were off my hand so it was a little bit more time for getting back into cycling scene.


    To pin a number on your back and race, it puts you into another level and I guess there is an inner competitive in you that needs to be fulfilled. I’m a competitor.


    The next chapter for me is to try to help develop locally the next generation of Olympic cyclists.  I’m a little bit of retiring but I guess it will free up a bit more time to be in the social scene around Shepparton on my bike and try to help the development of the young kids around the Shepparton Cycling Club.”

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Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs

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Keith Oliver

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