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What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of organising how you want your assets transferred when you die.

Your estate is made up of what you own and could include your home, investments, savings and cheque accounts, life insurance, super, car and furniture. Basically, any assets you want to pass on to people, charities or other organisations could potentially be included as part of your estate.

Follow these five steps to help make sure you’ve got everything covered in your estate plan:

  1. Make a will and keep it up to date.
  2. Set up a Binding Death Benefit nomination or Non-lapsing Death Benefit nomination for your super.
  3. Nominate a beneficiary for your life insurance outside super.
  4. Understand the tax consequences of how your assets are distributed.      
  5. Appoint an enduring Power of Attorney (PoA).

A financial adviser can work with you and your legal adviser to get the best possible estate plan in place for you and your family.